Pioneering a New Approach to Mental Health

Depression and Mindfulness

Here at ATHealthCE, we believe in a combined approach to mental illness which combines the best of

  • Traditional Psychotherapy
  • Bodywork and Somatic Movement Practice
  • Buddhist Mindfulness Techniques
  • Naturopathic Remedies and Homeopathy

We believe this fourfold approach combines the best our modern era has to offer, balancing ancient wisdom with cutting edge scientific research. We are open to any practice to improve mental health which appears to benefit the overall wellbeing of the invidual and which is backed by credible evidence.

Who We Are

Our practice is made up of 2 experienced health professionals: Nicky Durridge, who worked in the Mindfulness in Prisons project as a counsellor for many years before setting up in private practice. Secondly, David Tenant, a long term Buddhist practitioner, Naturopath and qualified Somatic Movement Practitioner. Together, their approach offers a deep opportunity for healing, all within the confines of our tranquil space on Luton Road.

Where to Find Us

We’re at 32 Luton Road, London, E17 5LN. Top Buzzer.

Luton Road London